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GEMMA is a place of exploration and creativity.

Like a living organism, it is constantly evolving. It is a place where everyone belongs, where everyone feels welcome and understood. A place where health and personal development take centre stage.

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About Stefanos Gkaitatzis

Stefanos Gkaitatzis is a medical doctor and specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Originally from North Macedonia and Greece, Stefanos studied medicine at Charité – Berlin University of Medicine. He offers systemic individual, couples and family therapy in four languages: German, English, Greek and Macedonian.


We believe that each and every one of us possesses the ability and the tools to heal ourselves.



We choose to focus on the word “health” rather than “illness”.

We combine two unique therapy approaches to help individuals, couples and families who are currently experiencing a wide variety of personal and social challenges.

Therapeutic concept

We combine two therapy approaches: depth-psychology and systemic therapy.

Therapeutic services

We assist individuals, couples and families experiencing personal and social challenges.

Therapeutic indications

GEMMA assists individuals who are currently experiencing various therapeutic indications.


We use our medical knowledge to guide you on your journey and we work together with you to find ways for you to live a fulfilling, self-determined life.


Your therapy

Our guiding principle is “helping our clients help themselves”.

There are certain steps and procedures you need to take before you can begin your therapy at the GEMMA Institute.


Through open feedback discussions after our sessions, you as the client actively determine the direction your counselling will take.



Our focus on interpersonal relationships and personal contact takes the idea of “working together with our clients” to a new level.

Should you have any questions relating to GEMMA, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We tend to respond much more quickly to e-mails, but you can also reach us by phone.